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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm a Materna-Smack Junkie

One of the many reasons why I love Stephen Colbert. I couldn't get the video to embed, so go here to see the video. It's hilarious, so I highly recommend it!

Let's first address the issue of being suspended for taking birth control...

Yes, birth control is a prescription drug, which makes it a controlled substance. But really? You're going to punish someone for being responsible about their sex life? Talk about abstinence-only education at its best. Apparently no form of birth control is safe. By suspending Freesia Jackson for taking birth control, the school is essentially telling all of the women at the school that birth control is bad, which could make unsafe sex more prevalent at the school. If girls are afraid to take birth control, then they won't. Especially during the teenage years when you feel like everyone is judging you.

The schools reason for suspending her: she was taking a controlled substance, and as far as the rule is concerned (direct quote) "birth control pills are just as dangerous as heroin." Oh no! I've been a birth control junkie for a couple years and if it's just as bad as heroin, I'm ruining my life. What am I to do? I just can't believe that guy said that.

This seems like some weird form of slut-shaming. The school could have easily gotten around suspending Jackson even if they have a rule against "controlled substances." But because they chose not to, they are punished Jackson for having sex (at least she's being responsible about it, which is more than can be said for a lot of teenagers). Or at least they think she's having sex, because that's the only reason she could be on birth control, right? While I applaud Jackson for having the responsibility to take birth control if she is having sex, did the school even make sure that she wasn't taking it for a medical reason? Because yes, there are medical reasons for taking birth control. I had friends in high school that, for medical reasons, needed the hormones that were in birth control. If they suspended her for taking birth control when it was for a medical reason, are they going to stop people from taking ADD medication? I don't think so.

Now on to Stephen Colbert...

I loved his handling of this issue. It was filled with his usual sarcasm yet did a really good job at pointing out the ridiculousness of the situation. With terms like "fallopian dope," "baby proofies," and "materna-smack," how can we not love him?

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