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Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's Happening Here

This upcoming week has some exciting things planned for this blog. I plan on starting some weekly features, starting Monday.

Movie Monday: I watch a lot of movies. So this is my way to share my "expertise" with you. Every Monday I will write a post analyzing a movie. It can either be a movie that I think has a feminist message or something that is completely anti-feminist. It can also be a recently released movie or an oldie but a goodie.

Women's Studies Wednesday: Not a great title, but I was going for the aliteration thing. In this, I will feature a book that relates to Women's Studies and feminism, whether it is something that I read in a class or a book that I found on my own.

Feminist Flashback Friday: This will be kind of an open ended feature. Every Friday I will write a post about a feminist piece of history. This could be about an amazing feminist activist or about a fantastic feminist character in a old TV show or movie or it could be about a feminist event in history. Mainly the goal of these posts will be to help connect the past (whether in historical events or entertainment or what have you) with the present and on to the future.

Sing-A-Long Saturday: On Saturday's, to try to keep it light for the weekend, I will be featuring a song or an artist that I am particularly fond of. I will look at this song or artist through a feminist lens in order to reflect on my investments in both music and feminism. And to promote some of my favorite songs and artists, because I think they're pretty awesome.

If you have any ideas or posts that fall into these categories, please send them my way. I am always looking for other voices to add to the conversation here!


RMJ said...

Laura, all of these sound awesome. I'm looking forward to it. Additional thanks for the big ol' link love over at your other post. :)

Dawn. said...

Great weekly features Laura! I'm looking forward to them.

You should totally feature She & Him for one of your first Sing a Long Saturdays.

Laura said...


Oh, I for sure will. She & Him is one of my fave bands!

Stephanie said...

These sound fantastic. I actually really like Women's Studies Wednesdays - I'm looking forward to it!

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