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Friday, August 14, 2009

PETA Needs to Get It Together

Yesterday, the blogosphere was abuzz about PETA. I touched on PETA before briefly when discussing vegetarianism and feminism, but they just keep on going, don't they?

There's nothing like a little fat-hatred to get you to go vegetarian. This billboard is reportedly up in Jacksonville, FL. Sure it's possible for some people to lose weight with a vegetarian diet, but certainly not everyone loses weight by being a vegetarian (like me!). Strike one. Vegetarianism shouldn't be a decision based on weight loss. Strike two. There is nothing wrong with being fat. Sometimes it is out of a person's control. Other times it's a conscious choice. Whatever the case, people can still be beautiful if they are fat. Strike three. And sooooo many other things wrong with this billboard... Using women's objectified bodies to promote the personal, moral decision of vegetarianism is immoral in and or itself. Also using the slogan "Save the Whales" in reference to a woman's body is dehumanizing. Apparently fat women are just whales that need to be saved by people from PETA by forcing them to go vegetarian.

This new ad featuring Nia Long is so photoshopped that she doesn't even have a belly button.

Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women

The Onion has even taken on PETA's treatment of women in their advertising.

PETA's sexist advertising campaigns are nothing new. But you would think that with all the negative response they get from their advertising that they would learn their lesson. But obviously not.

By playing off of the "women as meat" sexist belief, PETA is trying to show the oppression of animals. But at what cost? Using this advertising technique just reinforces the sexist norms of society: that women are less than human.

I'm all for animal rights and vegetarianism as a personal choice, but when PETA uses sexist advertising, playing off of the sexuality of women, I have a problem. Instead of raising awareness for the treatment of animals, these advertising techniques just reinforce and promote sexist norms.

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Carol said...

It's kind of sad that I'm no longer shocked by anything PETA does anymore. I've just come to expect the worst from them and roll my eyes as the ads roll out. So disgusting.

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