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Monday, August 10, 2009

Portraying Motivation Behind Sodini Killings

This morning I received an email from my friend who lives in Pittsburgh containing a link to this cartoon:

This is an editorial cartoon from the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Rob Rogers. I think it does a good job at portraying the motivations behind the shooting at LA Fitness last week.

I have chosen not to write a lot about this horrible event because I feel like other people have done a better job at summarizing and analyzing the event than I could. So here, I will provide links to some articles that I find particularly interesting about the event:

Once more with feeling: Media Must Report Gender Motivation for Mass Shooting [WIMN's Voices]
Women At Risk [New York Times]
George Sodini: Misogynist and Racist [Womanist Musings]
Men's Rights Activists, Anti-Feminists, and Other Misogynists Comment on George Sodini
[Alas, a blog]
The Sodini Killing [FBomb]


Anonymous said...

Frankly I don't think objectification of women or pornography explain this tragedy. Men who objectifie women have no problem with sex, they find plenty of it paying prostitutes.
And he had money to do it.
Imo he was simply crazy.
His derogatory words in the blog were hate only.

Sorry for the bad english, I'm foreigner.

Laura said...

The objectification of women is not only found in paying for prostitutes (some would even argue that some instances of prostitution are not objectification). Sodini believed that he had the right to any woman's body and was angered when they denied him sex. This is a result of his white male privilege.

Yes, he might have been crazy, but these killings were a result of the objectification of women. If you are not convinced, I suggest you read through some of the links that I have provided. These authors do a great job at showing how Sodini's killings were motivated by misogynistic and racist beliefs.

Kristen said...

Came over from Shakesville, and I'm relieved. I had braced myself for an offensive image, given the typical coverage of the story (' would cost them their lives,' and so on). I think the cartoon hits the nail squarely on the head.

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