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Saturday, August 1, 2009

What to Do With Those Doofy Husbands

Sarah Haskins' new Target Women video about doofy husbands and the women who stay with them.


Carol said...

I especially liked the part where she goes, "look at how cool they were BEFORE you married them!" So true.

Oh advertising. There's a lot wrong with how marketing targets women by using stereotypes, but men do really get the brunt of the, "look at this guy, he's dumb because.. well, he's a man!"

For a society where white, middle class men reign supreme, you would think they would want to show men in ads who know how to use a damn blender..

BurnBrother said...

More media confirmation that it has now become fashionable to pitch men as idiots with no basis in fact.

Trust me Ladies, IF you can hook a good guy once he understands exactly how "the deal" works the smart ones are running for the exits.

So...if you're smart, snag one before you hit 27 or 28 years old. Remember, you're kinda like fruit, you don't get better with time. Doesn't matter what Oil of Olay or whoever says, you just end up getting hagged out. Sorry.

Hopefully when they do Launch You they will have been smart enough not to procreate so they don't spend years supporting mini-feminists or future Beta Dudes.

Casey said...

Trust me, BurnBrother, if all men thought and acted like you, the smart ladies would stay single. Why would we want to be stuck with someone like that for the rest of our lives?! I'd rather split my time between masturbating and chilling out with some awesome lady friends. Thankfully, there are plenty of good men out there... you just don't see them. (Confirmation bias ftl.) Go on thinking you're awesome, though; that 'God's gift to women (even when I'm being an asshole)' attitude is one of the easiest ways to pick out which guys are a waste of time.

As for the actual post, I guess there is *some* benefit in men painting themselves as morons. (And it is largely men painting themselves this way -- women make up only 15% of ad execs.) If there's a widespread attitude that they're incapable of doing, say, housework, nobody will expect them to do it. Which is great for those who want wifey to do all the housework and child-rearing (Though I guess they're now branching out to common sense and basic human decency... eurgh). It's also pretty shitty for men who take pride in being SAHDs, child-care workers, or even just pulling their weight around the house, because they get to deal with their skills being consistently underestimated* as well as being patronized constantly**. I can relate... I'm a woman in comp-sci and people are *surprised* that I can assemble a PC and often try to explain really basic things to me as though I were stupid (it's even better when they're oh-so-confident but explain it wrong, LOL). Stereotypes = fail.

* Such as the general perception that men aren't as good at child-care work and only go into it if they're pedos.
** Being praised for 'babysitting' his own kids, doing a load of laundry, etc.

BurnBrother said...


Based on the animosity it seems like you must already be ripe. It's OK, please don't panic. We want you comfortable. I hear that "Plenty of Fish" is a good way to go. Never had to do it myself, but hope springs eternal. Try to stay below 200 lbs., or you'll really have to open up the doors. Then again, since you're self nominating for the masturbation route maybe that's the safe way to go. No rejection risk there.

Sounds like you're a real catch. I always wanted to hang with a chick that could screw a motherboard. Good for you. I know a lot of guys that are lusting after a chick that can upgrade their RAM. They talk about it all the time. Unbelievable.

Laura said...


I left your first comment up so that it could possibly start a discussion. But your second comment is just plain rude, offensive and a personal attack on one of my readers. I'm sorry Casey for the things that this person has said. They in no way reflect the feelings and thoughts of this blog.

I am leaving this last comment up right now as an example of an inappropriate comment. But any other comment from you of this nature will be deleted. Please try to be respectful, even if you don't agree with what someone is saying. And that last comment was anything but respectful.

BurnBrother said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Laura said...

I would just like to clarify that BurnBrother's posts are not just a personal attack, but also offensive to all women. While personal attacks are not acceptable, it is worse when they are offensive to women. And BurnBrother's comments are now being watched closely because that was the second comment made of an offensive nature.

BurnBrother said...

I didn't think you had the character to post it. So share whatever you would like with your clones. Here's the deal. Blogs like this are starting to wake up guys like me. Frankly we've been "guys" for too long on this deal. Not sweating forums like this. We made the mistake of thinking that Common Sense would prevail. Since it hasn't, here we are.

Although I won't give you all of the credit, your blog has helped to successfully push me over the top to become actively involved in Men's Rights.

Now we'll see where it goes...

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